March 30, 2014

Beyond Our Differences

This 6 hour workshop will help you gain understanding and insight on how to effectively support and work with people in poverty. The Beyond Our Differences training will walk you through the life of someone experiencing poverty. This training is designed to:

  • Help you explore the different mental models between poverty and Middle Class
  • Help you understand the “Hidden Rules” of different environments.
  • Teach you the protective factors individuals need in order to become resilient.
  • Teach you how to identify a person’s strengths and how to help someone build upon their strengths.
  • Help you understand how “change” stems from building relationships with your clients and how to maintain that healthy relationship.
  • Help you understand the cycle of change and the stages individuals experience as they are working on making changes in their life. Your understanding can help you effectively assist them in building resources.
  • Help you take a look at poverty on a larger scale. You will walk away with tools and strategies to help you address societal barriers at the individual, agency, and community levels.

Who should attend? Front line workers, Supervisors, Educators, Executive Directors, Community members, Board members

Cost of training: $1,500

Minimum participants: 40

Length of training: 6 hours