February 23, 2014

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

Visions For Change mission is to build self-sufficiency through education and support and systematically initiate changes that provide long term solutions to the problem of poverty in ways that build prosperity, and economic opportunities and enhance the general well-being of all residents.

Our Values

Our corporate culture is built on four core values:

  • Quality
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Compassion

We take these values seriously. They define and shape the culture and character of our company and guide how we make decisions. By putting these values into practice, we are creating long-term success for the residents, employees, suppliers, and communities we serve. We bring them to life in all of our relationships.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement which is reflected in our leadership, implementation, operations and quality standards.
We create value, are empowered to make a difference and are responsible and accountable for our actions.
We are dependable and responsible people committed to being open, transparent, honest and direct in all of our activities.
Every business endeavor and initiative should have compassion as one of its objectives. To really solve a problem, there’s no question that cooperation and compassion beat competition.

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