Poverty creates severe financial hardship for communities, states and our nation. According to testimony to Congress by the Center for American Progress, our nation spends 500 billion dollars each year on the fallout from children raised in poverty.

“Choosing To Thrive” aims to empower participants, Leaders For Change, to make positive, sustainable life changes resulting in a better quality of life both personally and economically. The program aims to create space in an individual’s life for self-assessment, allowing for mindset change from reactionary thinking to intentional thinking. Leaders For Change begin by identifying and recording their dreams on paper to serve as motivation for this change. “Choosing To Thrive” utilizes the S.M.A.R.T goal process as a vehicle to mobilize the individual to their desired outcome based on small, weekly, building steps. In addition we provide staff and peer accountability for the participant generated plans.

Many individual and community successes have taken place in the neighborhoods where we live, work and play. This is a proven approach that allows participants to pursue goals, maintain stable housing, overcome barriers to success, achieve self-sufficiency, and improve overall quality of life. Choosing To Thrive is a unique and practical strategy that delivers results.