Visions For Change (VFC), a Syracuse-based nonprofit, is dedicated to helping end the cycle of poverty and unemployment in Syracuse.
"Visions For Change helped me get a job for the first time in ten years."

VFC impacts teenagers-adults by offering a free month-long workshop, where participants learn best practices to obtain and maintain employment as well as bring themselves, and their families, out of poverty . VFC's workshop is based on a unique curriculum, known as Choosing To Thrive, that first focuses on addressing the primary reasons an individual is living in poverty and what has held him/her back. After addressing the root cause for poverty or unemployment, the VFC staff works with the participant on putting together an action plan for obtaining employment, further education, or whatever may be their best path out of poverty. Visions for Change workshops are held from 9am-1pm Monday-Friday and begin on the first business day of each month. There is limited availability in the program, so contact the VFC staff today and reserve your spot for next month.

  • % of graduates obtain employment within months of completing the program

  • % of graduates stay employed for at least one year

  • Those who complete the program increase their income by over 100%

  • Graduates have lifted themselves and their families out of poverty

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About VFC

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